Construction Projects

A Fairy House?

I had my camera with me this afternoon walking around Greenlake but it wasn’t the primary reason I was there. I was meeting a friend I hadn’t seen in far too long. As it turned out, the weather cooperated with our plan, and we circled the lake twice without making a dent in the backlog of topics we still haven’t talked about. Continue reading “Construction Projects”

Soccer Season

Prep vs Vashon

Bear with me while I work on my sports photography…

Today, the rain held off. I had a chance to play with shooting from different places on the sidelines as well as from behind the baseline.  It didn’t matter that I was at the vet with Sherlock and Cody and arrived at the game just as the ref blew the halftime whistle. Continue reading “Soccer Season”

The Return of Winter

Catching up on Homework

Whenever a kid is home sick the day seems somehow out of whack. I never really know what time it is. The markers of “drop off” and “pick up” are gone, and the urgency to complete a project or do an errand before a daily time deadline is suddenly removed. I usually try to cancel or put off any commitments that keep me away unless its unavoidable, so by evening I feel like I’ve been in a time warp. Gillian was home sick today, and slept half of the morning, so I didn’t want to leave until she awakened and I could at least get her some food and make sure she had what she needed. By the time I got out of my pj’s to walk the dogs it was noon. Continue reading “The Return of Winter”


Bangkok Beef with Basil

Does Archeology have anything to do with Bangkok Beef, or is this just one of those random entries where the photograph actually has nothing to do with the topic I’m writing about?

They are related. Maybe circuitously, which, if you know the way my mind works, is normal, but the connection is not as remote as some.

It all started in the garden. No, not the garden of Eden. We know that none of it really started there anyway. Continue reading “Archeology”

Changing Seasons

Addie shows her stuff

Addy is a gymnast, and this shot was a clear winner – a line drive into the middle of the other side of the court. The other team never saw it coming. She also stayed on her feet! I’m not sure any of the other girls could have done so.

Thankfully, the end of the seventh grade girls volleyball drama is behind us. Gillian’s team had their last game today. They lost in the third game, but it was their best effort of the year. I can’t say that I’m happy the season is over, because I think its so short that the girls barely get rolling and it comes to an end. But I will not miss the drama that has accompanied this year’s volleyball program. Continue reading “Changing Seasons”


Garden of Crystals

This morning I was headed off to Soulumination for a morning retreat on dealing with grief and loss given by Mark Power from Children’s Hospital. A handful of photographers attended, most of whom I hadn’t met before. The morning involved poetry, journaling and meditation… right up my alley. Continue reading “Soulumination”


I think this play resulted in a penalty kick

I’m not sure why that # 6 guy had to go running in there. I would have loved to see this shot unobstructed. It is the most interesting photo on my memory card today, and I love the expressions, so this is it. Besides, Robby hasn’t had a photo lately, so its his turn. It was a tough day for photography at the soccer field. I got about 15 good minutes before I had to retire my camera due to a spring downpour. Shooting at sporting events has a different set of challenges than other stuff I photograph. For soccer, I really need to pay attention only to the game and shooting. I can’t be chatting on the sidelines with the parents and expect to get anything. I think my best shots are from the end of the field off to the side of the goal a little bit.  Continue reading “Sports?”

An Ordinary Day


After screwing up her courage, asking everyone we both knew for “haircutter” recommendations, and looking through hundreds of photographs for something she liked, Gillian finally said ok to the suggestion of a friend who has three daughters. A year and half and 18 1/2″ of hair were at stake. Part of her concern was that a couple of years ago, she decided to donate her hair to Locks of Love and one of the boys in her class took to calling her “coconut head”. Her hair was chin length and none of us could really understand the reference, but it stuck. When she told her friends she was thinking of getting it cut again they all looked alarmed and asked her, “how short”?

I picked her up at school this afternoon armed with a photograph and my camera (as well as my wallet). She nervously explained to me exactly the words she wanted to use to tell Sheila what she like about the photo and what she might like to be different… slightly. Continue reading “An Ordinary Day”

Taking a Deep Breath


Its always a challenge to choose a photograph for my blog on days when I’ve been shooting for Soulumination. Nothing seems quite as compelling as the photographs I’m not using. Soulumination, if you aren’t familiar with the organization, takes photographs of children and parents with life-threatening illnesses. Free of charge, they put together a photographic record of love for the families of those who are ill.

Today the image posted here is one of those that was shot after “the shoot”. I photographed this guy because I loved the idea of sitting there in the late afternoon sun reading a book. Continue reading “Taking a Deep Breath”

Giving Myself a “Talking To”

Fire and Water

I’d like to clarify something once again. That means I’ve already tried to do so previously, but need to remind myself…

Fact: The days when I’ve “got it going”, on all fronts are few and far between. The days when I’ve “got it going”, on any one front are not all that frequent.

Fact: I try to wear many hats (some would say TOO many): stay-at-home mom (aka parent, cook, laundress, editor, gardner, dog walker etc), photographer, writer, sometimes jewelry artist, and most recently “blogger”.

Just because I push the “publish” button every day on my computer does not actually mean that I have written anything that is worth reading that day. To even imagine that I might write something interesting every day, or even most days, would be the height of arrogance. Continue reading “Giving Myself a “Talking To””